Train Wrap

  • Lead Partner or Organisation: Greensand Country
  • Other Stakeholders: Marston Vale Community Rail Partnership
  • Greensand Country Landscape Partnership Themes: Scheme Wide Projects
  • Forward Plan Themes: Rural economy and sustainable tourism
  • National Lottery Heritage Fund Outcomes: People have learnt about heritage

Written by: The Greensand Country Team

The train wrap idea was to encourage commuters in the area to learn more about Greensand Country. By seeing the wrap on each commute they will start to recognize the Greensand Country branding and then want to find out more about it.


The project got us working closely with the Marston Vale community rail partnership.

Benefits to People

The train wrap will be seen by a wide range of people on numerous occasions. They will want to know more about Greensand Country and the wrap will direct them to the website.

This project is about raising awareness of Greensand Country and the Greensand Country  brand so that is the main benefit it brings.

Benefits to Heritage & Landscape

Heritage is better understood as it has been put in front of a large audience who will now want to know more.

Challenges & Lessons Learnt

Due to the pandemic the staff at Abellio were furloughed so it was hard to get them involved at the early stages. We have also just been made aware of an ongoing £1,000 per month media fee, so we need to find additional funding.

If we ran this project again we would try to get pricing much sooner as additional funding was required.

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