Landscape Partnership

A strong partnership to care for and protect the distinctive, beautiful and much-loved landscape of Greensand Country, for the benefit of everyone.

The Greensand Country Landscape Partnership have completed a National Lottery Heritage Funded Programme of more than 100 projects, helping to raise awareness of the heritage value of the landscape and to reverse the gradual decline in the distinct landscape character of this beautiful and loved place. The Partnership continues to operate beyond this Lottery-Funded phase, bringing together organisations to develop and delivery projects across the landscape.

Led by The Greensand Trust, the Greensand Country Landscape Partnership has six main aims, to:

  1. Combine knowledge and expertise from the public, private and voluntary sectors.
  2. Improve the landscape, biodiversity and historical heritage of Greensand Country.
  3. Enable everyone to access, enjoy and connect with the landscape.
  4. Support sustainable recreation and tourism to boost the rural economy.
  5. Take action on climate change that inspires local communities, businesses and visitors.
  6. Add value to the work of the Greensand Trust as the accountable body of GCLP.

From its inception, the Greensand Country Landscape Partnership itself has taken the decision not to comment on planning applications, due to a lack of resources for such activity. We do however have a number of resources below that provides impartial detail on landscape character, the historic environment, and key habitats.

 If you have any planning matters you wish to draw to the attention of individual partners, we would recommend that you get in touch with them directly. Should you not have the relevant contact at a specific partner organisation the Landscape Partnership is happy to forward on an email to the partner.



Meet the team…


Partnership Co-ordinator Daniel has worked on the Partnership since 2021, managing the Heritage Fund programme and its transition into the current Partnership. He currently manages all aspects of the Partnership day-to-day.



The Collaboration Board provides the strategic vision for the Partnership…

Chair: Ali Bradbury                   Gill Welham                           Jon Balaam                         Cllr David Hopkins                  Cllr Stephen Ferguson

Clophill Heritage Trust        The Greensand Trust         The Greensand Trust        Milton Keynes City Council     Cambridgeshire County Council






Cllr Nigel Carnell                Cllr Susan Clinch                   Siobhan Vincent                       Matt Jackson                               Andy Knight

Central Beds Council           Central Beds Council             Central Beds Council               Wildlife Trust BCN                   Local Access Forum


Dr Catherine Lloyd                    Cliff Andrews                         James Russell                            John Fairlie

Bedford College Group                  Beds RCC                  Forest of Marston Vale Trust             Arnold White