Sound Archive

The Greensand Country Landscape Partnership (GCLP) is thrilled to commission Field Recording Specialist, Oliver Payne, as part of the Celebrating Greensand Country programme of work.

Oliver has worked with GCLP and its partners to collect sounds from across Greensand Country in order to create the beginning stages of The Greensand Country Sound Archive’. Over four days in March and April 2021, Oliver collected sounds including bird song, wind turbines, underwater trickling of the River Flit, creaking trees and much more.

You can listen to ‘The Greensand Country Sound Archive’ here 

Oliver has also created an online course in Field Recording (Beginners level).

The course is split into three short films and everyone is encouraged to take part. The course has been specially designed to ensure that as many people as possible are able to take part and that sounds are able to be collected on technology widely available to most – such as mobile phones.

We hope once you have taken part in the short course on ‘A Beginner’s Guide to Field Recording’ that you will embark on your own sound collecting journey. As part of this journey we also ask you to send your collected sounds to to help us build ‘The Greensand Country Sound Archive’. Sounds are being collected by Oliver throughout May and June 2021.

Happy Listening!

About Oliver Payne

Oliver Payne is an artist, sound designer and musician interested in improvisation.  He also creates sound and music for installation, film makers and broadcasters.

As an installation artist he is focussed on discovering the unheard and unusual through kinetic sculptures, improvised performance and sound-based mark making. His work with audio often incorporates extended field recording techniques and found sound.

He is the founder of Eastern Ear, founder of YARMONICS festival of sonic art and new music, non-executive director of Recast Music Education and Programme Manager at disability arts charity, Musical Keys.

He performs live with Chris Dowding in the trumpet and electronics duo Sudden Amusements and have guested with several groups including ROOKS and hymn.

Further information about Oliver’s work can be found here