Heritage Trees

Heritage Trees are an important part of Greensand Country’s history and as such it is vital that we record, interpret and raise awareness of them. David Alderman, Director of the Tree Register, has created interpretation for 10 heritage trees across Greensand Country. These are trees of intrinsic value due to their age, size, and rarity. Amongst Greensand Country’s heritage trees we find Veteran trees (ones that are mature but not yet showing all the signs of being an Ancient tree), specimens that were once exotic species, County Champion trees, and trees that signify historic boundaries, collections, and designed landscapes.

Wooden posts with interpretation panels have been installed at these sites, and downloadable information leaflets are available below.

The project has benefited the wider community by making information about the heritage trees within Greensand Country more accessible. This has been achieved through the interpretation posts, downloadable leaflets, and guided walks.