Revealing Greensand Country Booklet

  • Lead Partner or Organisation: Greensand Country
  • Other Stakeholders: Greensand Trust, Volunteers, Board Members
  • Greensand Country Landscape Partnership Themes: Scheme Wide Projects
  • Forward Plan Themes: Caring for the landscape
  • National Lottery Heritage Fund Outcomes: People have learnt about heritage

Written by: The Greensand Country Team

The Revealing Greensand Country booklet was developed for a number or reasons. It was to support the festival, help promote charter members and of course raise awareness of Greensand Country.

32,000 booklets were produced and delivered door to door across Greensand Country. It contained maps of local walks, adverts from charter members, updates on the programmes in the area and encouraged people to visit the Greensand country website to find out more and to go and explore.


It helped raise awareness of Greensand Country to residents who were perhaps not aware of their location. It allowed us to engage with local businesses, Mulberry Homes in particular who came onboard as the festival sponsor. The booklet has had a lot of positive feedback form the community.

Benefits to People

It brought businesses and the public together. The distribution of 32,000 means a wide range of groups will have received the booklet and engaged with it.

Benefits to Heritage & Landscape

The booklet explained some of the history of the area so the community will now understand their heritage much better now.

The booklet encouraged people to get out and explore and provided specific walks for them to follow therefore making the landscape more accessible.

Challenges & Lessons Learnt

A lot of businesses were closed due to the pandemic when we were producing the booklet so trying to get advertisers was difficult. We got our partners to assist by taking space to promote their business.

If we ran this project again we would either have a small dedicated team that can sign the project off or if a bigger team is necessary, get them involved early and at every stage of the project, that way everyone knows what is happening and why.

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