Interpretation panels

Lead Organisation:Greensand Country
Other Stakeholders:Greensand Trust, Communications Team
GCLP Themes: Scheme Wide Projects
NHLF Outcomes: People have learnt about heritage,The local area/community will be a better place to live work or visit
Forward Plan Themes: Enjoyment and wellbeing
Project Budget:£7500

The idea behind the interpretation boards was to encourage people out into Greensand Country and not just staying confined to the area around the attractions. They are to be installed at Rushmere, Ampthill Park, RSPB Sandy, Woburn and Shuttleworth. Each site has facilities which the public are used to having access to, such as toilets and cafes. However, the boards are there to show there are lots of trails to follow and explore.


It got all the attractions engaged with what Greensand Country is trying to achieve. It meant we had to look at what we could offer in each area and apply that to an interpretation board.

Benefits to people

It will guide the public and wider community to explore Greensand Country and get out of their comfort zone.

Benefits to heritage & landscape

The boards will make the landscape better understood. The public will be able to find new walks and trails to explore and learn more about the area.

This project will make the landscape much more accessible for those who want to get off the beaten track. It will show them that there is lots to explore and it is all sign posted and easily accessible.

Challenges & Lessons learnt

Due to the pandemic the attractions were closed so it was hard to get hold of anyone in order to proceed. We just kept trying and as people came back to work they picked up our emails and we progressed from there.

Less is more with these boards. Initially we tried to include too much wording which just made them look busy. Keep it simple and clean.

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