Enjoy Horse Riding in Greensand Country

Apr 2020

Whist out riding in Greensand Country, please enjoy the countryside and treat the landscape and other people with respect, care and consideration:

  • Leave only hoofprints and guard against fire
  • Help others to see you: wear hi-viz aids, even off-road
  • Keep to bridleways & byways
  • Do not jump fences, hedges or walls – you may cause damage
  • Pass others at walk and slow down well before you reach them, they may be frightened of horses or uncertain how to act
  • Be able to stop in the distance that you can see ahead
  • Acknowledge courtesy shown by other users
  • Adopt ‘Share the Trail’: each encounter with another user is a chance to build cooperation
  • Encourage cyclist to call out when approaching horses, nay cyclists are unsure what to do around horses
  • Ride slowly past all livestock
  • Leave gates as you find them
  • Do not ride on crops or cultivated land (except on public rights of way), including subble, which may be sown with new crop, and young grass
  • Keep to walk if faster paces may damage the ground
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