Who produced this toolkit?

Stockgrove Lake

The Greensand Country Sense of Place Toolkit is published and managed by The Greensand Trust: an independent charity conserving and enhancing the distinctive landscape, wildlife and history of the Greensand Ridge, on behalf of the Greensand Country Landscape Partnership (GCLP) and funded by the Greensand Ridge Rural Development Programme.

The Toolkit has been developed by consultants Countryscape on behalf of all Greensand Country Landscape Partnership partners and participants. It is based on information collected through consultation with local people and visitors to discover what is special about Greensand Country. The information collected during the study is invaluable and we would like to thank everyone who
contributed to the project!

We are happy to share this information and hope it inspires you to use your own local knowledge and sense of place to benefit your work, community and Greensand Country as a whole.

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For enquiries about the Sense of Place Toolkit please contact The Greensand Trust:
– 01234 743 666