Sense of Place Toolkit

Greensand Country is a beautiful and loved landscape. It is defined by the Greensand Ridge, a band of higher ground stretching from Leighton Buzzard to Gamlingay, which rises out of the surrounding vales to create a locally unique environment. The area contains all of Bedfordshire’s remaining heathland, more than half of its woodland and 29 historic parklands. It is a landscape rich in wildlife and cultural heritage, with its own special qualities and sense of place. A ‘green oasis’ of peace and quiet, rolling countryside and breath-taking views. A place where people feel able to slow down, unwind and connect with nature. Somewhere to escape urban life, breathe easy and feel uplifted. Come and discover it for yourself !


This Toolkit can help you make the most of being a part of Greensand Country. It contains ideas for how to improve your marketing; your customer relations and visitor welcome; and your own enjoyment of the landscape. By working together, we can build a strong brand for Greensand Country that benefits everyone. Let’s get started…!