Exploring the Western Geotrail

Jun 2023

Each month we promote a walking or cycling route through Greensand Country. For July, it’s the Western Geotrail, giving you the chance to explore Rushmere Country Park and the interesting village of Great Brickhill.

At just under 5 miles, it is perfect to explore a mix of interesting habitats and history, whilst also learning about the fascinating geology under your feet.

Wildlife spot

Our nature spot for this month’s walk has to be Rammamere Heath. It’s the largest heathland in Greensand Country. You can spot tree pipits on the open heathland and you might even be able to spot an adder basking on the sandy soil.

If you head back in late summer, you will see the heather out in bloom.

Heathland is a vital yet threatened habitat in Greensand Country and needs to be managed by grazing to prevent the area being covered by scrub and out competing the heathland flora.

History spot

Our history spot on this route are the sandstone structures you can see in Great Brickhill. Greensand stone, a type of ironstone, is a common building material in the area, and is a key identifying feature of Greensand Country. You can see many structures, particularly walls, across the area.

The stone was quarried locally, and as a soft and gritty stone, cannot be carved with great detail. This is why it was often used as blocks to make up walls and outbuildings, structures that didn’t need intricate detailing.

Charter members

If you’re out exploring the Western Geotrail, why not also support some local businesses. Pop in for a coffee or some lunch at the Tree Tops café or head to The Old Red Lion in Great Brickhill.

Find more independent local businesses on our interactive map: Interactive Map | Greensand Country


Details on the Western Geotrail route can be found HERE

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