Exploring the Stone Way cycle route

May 2023

Each month we promote a different walking or cycling route through Greensand Country. This month is the Stone Way. A 15 mile cycle route across parts of the Greensand Ridge and onto the Hit Valley and Clay Hills, including the nationally important Wrest Park. This route was created with our partner Sustrans.

If you give this route a go, be sure to send in your pictures!

Wildlife spot

Meadowland is an important yet increasingly threatened habitat. Near the Stone Way cycle route, you can dismount and take a walk through Maulden Church Meadow.

The meadow contains neutral and acidic grassland, with many grasses and herbs, including some uncommon ones within Bedfordshire, such as meadow saxifrage and Adder’s-tongue.

One curious feature of the site are the prominent grass mounds formed by yellow meadow ants in this old grassland.

History spot

Our history spot on the Stone Way has to be Wrest Park. The impressive Rococo mansion sits within a formal woodland garden, later worked on by ‘Capability’ Brown. There is also the Old Deer Park and to explore.

Full details of the route can be found here: https://bit.ly/3BzwTfi

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