Introducing the Western Historic Parkland Walk

Mar 2023

Each month we promote a walking or cycling route through Greensand Country. This month is the Western Historic Parkland Walk that takes in the interesting historic designed landscapes around Aspley Guise and Husborne Crawley.

Historic parkland forms an integral part of Greensand Country’s character. If you go on the walk, be sure to send us your pictures!

Details on the route can be found here:

Wildlife spot

Trees are an important part of the setting of Greensand Country’s historic parkland. On the Wester Historic Parkland Walk, you can experience lovely views towards ‘The Clump’, a group of Scots Pines along the top of a small but prominent hill. Look out for it at point 3 on the walk.

History spot

There was too much rich history on the Western Historic Parkland Walk to choose only one thing as our history spot…so we’ve gone for a geology spot this month!

St. James’ Church in Husborne Crawley is rare in being made from both Upper and Lower Greensand. The Upper Greensand contains glauconite, a green mineral that prevents the stone from turning brown when exposed to the elements.

To explore the route for yourself, click here for details:

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