Introducing the Two Moors Heritage Trail

Jan 2023

Each month we will be promoting a walking or cycling route through Greensand Country. For February, we’re highlighting the Two Moors Heritage Trail that takes in the interesting countryside through Flitton and Flitwick Moors.

One of Greensand Country’s fantastic volunteers, Dennis, walked the route recently and gave his highlights…

You’ll find interesting and varied wildlife when exploring this route. Flitwick Moor is the largest semi-natural lowland wetland still remaining in this region with a range of swamp, mire with acid springs and wet woodland habitats. Look out for the variety of hedgerow birds and the rich dragon and damsel-fly populations.

There’s so much history to see when exploring the Two Moors Heritage Trail. Peat was extracted from the Flitwick Moor, used as fuel and later as a coal gas filter. In the 1880s, the chalybeate springs sparked a trend for Flitwick mineral water as “the most invigorating tonic in the world”. Look out for the impressive De Gray mausoleum too.

To explore the route for yourself, click here for details:

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