Top 10 Tips for Horse Riding in Greensand Country

Apr 2020

The British Horse Society advises that before you take to the bridleways, byways and roads, there are 10 things to do:

  1. Make sure that your tack fits and is safe
  2. Your own clothes and boots should be comfortable and suitable for the weather conditions
  3. Wear hi-viz, ideally on both you and on the horse, which could be seen from above as well as from all angles by other people on the ways
  4. Wear boots which are suitable for walking should it be necessary
  5. Carrying a whip is advised for various uses (assuming your horse is safe with you doing so)
  6. Take a phone and, in unknown territory, take a map
  7. Tell somebody where you are going and roughly how long you think you will be out
  8. Train your horse to open gates safely at home; allow more time for a gated ride
  9. Train your horse to stand, so that if any difficulties arise you can deal with them while the horse is still
  10. If you are riding in unknown territory, it is advisable to have a headcollar under the bridle with a rope (looped and knotted- quick release – round the horse’s neck, or attached to your saddle)
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