Photography Workshops

In March 2021, Greensand Country Landscape Partnership were thrilled to commission photographer and trainer Phil Richardson, of Melen Training, to deliver a series of free workshops for those who lived, worked or volunteered in Greensand Country. The commission was part of the ‘Celebrating Greensand’ programme of work.

The second stage of the commission was to produce a library of ‘How to Films’ to give people the skills to express their emotional connection with the landscape and to celebrate this.  These short films can be found below for you to enjoy.

The final stage of this work are two competitions and two exhibitions – for digital camera users and for Camera Phone users. The Digital Camera exhibition is on display at Rushmere Country Park, and the Camera Phone Competition will launch in the coming weeks.

We hope you enjoy these short films and in particular we hope these will inspire you to venture out into Greensand Country, capture its beauty and perhaps enter the Camera Phone Competition when it launches!

Iphone Photography

This short video covers the basics of using an iPhone with a few tips and tricks to help improve your photography. You can also learn a few post production tips on how to get the best from photos on the phone and Instagram. Make sure you watch this video if you are thinking of entering the Greensand Country Camera Phone Competition.

Beginners Photography

This short video covers the basics in photography and how to get started. Understanding the PSAM modes, apertures, shutter speeds, ISO and WB.

Creative Outdoor Photography

Learn the basics in bird and wildlife photography, which settings to use with a few tips and tricks. Shutter speeds are often faster than you would expect. Understand how to use natural lighting to improve your architectural photography.

Filter and Long Exposure Photography

This short video explores how to use ND and Polariser filters in photography, which ones to use and how to put them on. In particular, we look at how to select the most suitable slow shutter speeds for blurring waterfalls, rivers and photographing at night time.

Basic Adobe Lightroom editing

This short post production video covering the basics of Adobe Lightroom with a few RAW file editing skills to help improve your photographs.

Post Production: Apples Photos

This short video focuses on post production, covering the basics of Apple Photos on a Mac with a few editing skills to help improve your photographs from the iPhone and other cameras.

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