Many education and training providers in Greensand Country specialise in programmes that help people manage woodland and heathland, creating new corridors and areas for wildlife. Many of these education providers also run courses which up-skill communities, training them in heritage building and conservation skills.

Shuttleworth College offers a wide variety of full-time and part-time courses, making full use of the natural resources available, which include parkland, farm land, lakes and woodland.

Many sites across Greensand Country offer school visits and education programmes for younger children too, including key stage programmes, youth ranger projects and resources. Find out more about education and learning from The Greensand Trust, The Wildlife Trust BCN and RSPB The Lodge nature reserve and gardens

An apprenticeship scheme established by the Greensand Country Landscape Partnership, has worked with a number of local historic sites to enable young people who had experienced barriers to education to develop vital skills in landscape conservation, heritage and management. The Environment, Conservation and Recreation Apprentices, worked with the Clophill Heritage Trust, Shuttleworth Swiss Garden and the Forest of Marston Vale to develop vital skills in landscape preservation, heritage and management, for the benefit of themselves, their employers and the wider landscape.