Hazells Hall Estate Railings

  • Lead Partner or Organisation: Joanna Hewitt
  • Other Stakeholders: GCLP / Cotswold Decorative Ironworks
  • Greensand Country Landscape Partnership Themes: Community Heritage
  • Forward Plan Themes: Caring for the landscape
  • National Lottery Heritage Fund Outcomes: Heritage is better managed,Heritage is in a better condition

Written by: Joanna Hewitt

Following a historic parkland survey, carried out by GCLP and volunteers, the owners of Hazells Hall, grade 2*, (the hall is today held in joint ownership – 12 households) agreed to proceed with the recommended replacement of the estate fencing to the front of the hall. The front of the hall faces out onto the original reception designed parkland and the existing broken down and crudely repaired post and rail fencing.

Benefits to People

The project benefited the owners of the hall in improving the look of the hall and in their understanding of the importance of using the correct materials when working on heritage property.

The historic parklands survey was carried out by volunteers, following a training course, that was hosted by GCLP.  The volunteers were all residents from Bedfordshire and it gave them a wider understanding of the county and the particular the history of the parklands and houses found in Greensand Country.

Personally the project has introduced me to new friends and activities in Greensand Country. I have learnt more about the care of the grounds and buildings here at Hazells Hall and look forward to passing these skills on to the other residents/owners.

Whilst the hall is in private ownership taking part in the GCLP has encouraged the owners to allow small group visit from the Bedfordshire Gardens Trust,  with a further visit planned in spring 2022.

Benefits to Heritage & Landscape

Hazells Hall is today in mixed ownership, with two of the twelve properties rented out. As a result, not all the owners are focused on the heritage value of the site. Taking part in the project has raised the importance of the management of the site with the owners and the look of the hall has been much improved. The historic views between the hall and surrounding parklands have been reestablished with the prospect of further fencing to be considered.

Challenges & Lessons Learnt

The biggest challenge with the project were issues related to a lack of continuity in our contacts with the planning department, and thus being given conflicting information. The way to progress was to record names and times of calls and request to speak with the team leader.

We realised we needed to employ an architect and deal with planing permission first!


“The change is amazing”


“The view looks so much better”


“Can we do the fence by the lawn!”

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