Earth Herritage Wall of Geology

Lead Organisation:Bedfordshire Geology Group
Other Stakeholders:The Clophill Heritage, Trust Tarmac, The Geologists’ Association’s Curry Fund
GCLP Themes: Community Projects
NHLF Outcomes: Heritage is better managed,Heritage is identified/recorded,More people and a wider range of people have engaged with heritage,People have learnt about heritage,People have volunteered time
Forward Plan Themes: Caring for the landscape
Project Budget:£6300

In the heart of Greensand Country an interpretative “Wall of Geology” was built using local materials and labour. An interpretation panel was erected to inform visitors of the geology of Greensand Country. The project was supported by Tarmac, The Geologists’ Association’s Curry Fund and The Clophill Heritage Trust. Volunteers helped to prepare materials through a stone workshop and helped to build the wall with guidance from local stonemasons.


The project achieved a focal point in the very heart of Greensand Country, which is accessible to all, and tells the underlying story of the whole of Greensand Country.

The project has been successful as a teaching tool for the visitors to Clophill Eco Lodges and students from local schools and older learners from across all ages. The interpretation board and the associated booklet has proved interesting and educational to all.

Bringing the geological story to the fore at this central location is a thing to be proud of.

Benefits to people

The project benefited those people who worked on the building of the wall itself and it will continue to benefit visitors in the future. Volunteers working on the construction learnt new skills such as cleaning rocks and preparation of those rocks to be put into the wall, whilst others learnt how to construct the wall using lime mortar. It has enhanced the sense of community through the collaboration of different groups in its construction.

The project has made me more aware of working with others to achieve a common goal.

Benenfits to heritage & landscape

The project, as a whole, has improved the condition of the church wall and is better managed and better understood through the collaboration of the various partners.

Challenges & Lessons learnt

The biggest challenge was obtaining enough match-funding and sourcing enough rock to complete the project. To overcome these challenges, Bedfordshire Geology Group applied for additional funding from Tarmac who were happy to help in this project. Additional resources were sourced with the help of the partner group The Clophill Heritage Trust.

“If this project were run again, I would do more research into materials and costs. Advice I would give is to work closely with others and advertise for help more.”

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