Woodgreen Animal Shelter Shop


Our shop at Sandy helps raise funds for Woodgreen Animal Shelter. Please read on to find out more about how they help the animals in their care.


Every year, Wood Green’s dedicated teams work tirelessly to provide safe shelter, specialist care, and a brighter future for thousands of dogs, cats and small pets

How we help

Our teams work together to create an individual plan for every pet – from medical treatment to behaviour training. And when the pet is ready, we find them a loving home where they can live a happy, fulfilling life.

Our services and expertise

As well as taking in homeless pets, we provide a number of vital services including free, expert pet advice on the phone and online. Plus workshops, classes, outreach support and more.

Together for pets: affiliations and partners

To make the biggest difference we can to the lives of pets and people, we work with multiple like-minded organisations. These valuable partnerships enable us to champion pet welfare and influence positive change.