“The Crown” public house, Northill

The Crown public house dates from the sixteenth century and has served as a local hostelry for about 350 years. The first record is in 1740 when some adjoining land was purchased by Hutchinson’s Charity of Thorncote Green. The Crown belonged to the Robinson family and was part of the estate conveyed to trustees in the marriage settlement of John Robinson in 1767. Robinson sold the place, along with the Manor and all its other appurtenances to John Harvey in 1803.

The inn remained in the Harvey family for 110 years until in 1913 John Edmund Audley Harvey sold it to the licensee Martha Marsom.   The Marsom’s also ran their own brewery which manufactured ale, stout, ginger beer, lemon squash and cherry brandy. They were landlords of the “The Crown for many years and it was only in 1960 that the last Marsom left the pub.

There are extensive grounds with outside tables and play equipment for children. It is in a picturesque location close to St Mary Virgin Church and Northill Pond.

The Crown is close to St Mary Virgin church and Northill Village Pond. It is about 50 metres from the GSRW on the opposite side to the church.