Tempsford Airfield

Tempsford Airfield was built in 1941 over what had been a large area of marsh. This was one of the most secret airfields of the Second World War, used by the SOE, whose agents were equipped and flown from here into enemy occupied Europe to assist the various resistance movements.

The station was home to 138 and 161 (Special Duty) Squadrons flying Whitley, Hudson, and Halifax bombers as well as the smaller Lysanders. From 1942 to 1945 these aircraft successfully delivered 29,000 containers, 10,000 parcels and 995 agents into enemy territory, as well as picking up personnel from these locations though over this period, seventy aircraft were lost, with most of their crews killed.

The field barn beside the bridleway was once part of Gibraltar Farm and was the final collection point for agents to collect their equipment and supplies before boarding the planes. The barn remains as a memorial to those agents and aircrew who took part in those operations.

The airfield was closed to the RAF in 1947 and is now a private farm, though much of the runway system is still intact.

The airfield is north east of the Greensand Ridge Walk where the route passes through Everton. The site can be reached by public footpaths from the village.