‘Tales from Greensand Country’, a short film by RYG FILMS. Commissioned by Greensand Country Landscape Partnership

Saturday 01st May 2021 - Saturday 31st July 2021

Doors open: 10:00 am

This short film is an entertaining introduction to Greensand Country and a peek into the lives of its residents over the centuries.

Greensand Country Landscape Partnership are thrilled to present ‘Tales from Greensand Country’, a short film produced by local film makers RYG FILMS. RYG FILMS were commissioned as part of the ‘Celebrating Greensand’ programme – a collection of curated work designed to uncover the stories of Greensand Country.

The film was supported by a team of volunteers from across Greensand Country supported by Greensand Country Landscape Partnership. The volunteers underwent training in Historical Research, Oral History and Archiving in January 2021 and have worked together as a team to research stories and gather information which has informed the making of the film.

RYG FILMS worked throughout lockdown to research and create the artistic elements of the film, with filming undertaken across Greensand Country as lockdown measures were eased.

To watch this film, simply click on the link listed below. This link will take you to RYG Film’s YouTube channel, which is free to use.

We hope you enjoy the film!

Greensand Country Landscape Partnership Volunteers: Daniel Bowles, Mariella Cook, Dorothy Jamieson, Sian Griffiths, Kelvin Horton, Molly Lambourne, Mark Lewis, David McKears, Sheila Meekums, Peter Goff and Sandra Reed.

With Special thanks to: His Grace the Duke of Bedford, Pamela Birch and Bedfordshire Archives, Stephen Coleman, Rib Davis, Brian Kerr, Christine Hill, Vicki Manners, Jill and Charles McLachlan at Moggerhanger Park, Tim Kirk at Moggerhanger Park, Val Bramley and Amanda Done at Shuttleworth, Nicola Allen and Emma Brophy at The Bedford Estates, Jane Markham and volunteers from The Community Vineyard Warden Abbey, John Scott and Robert Diggle from the Church of St Leonard, Old Warden, Mike Marshall, Old Warden History & Heritage Society, Stephen Home from Robinson & Hall LLP, the Villagers of Old Warden

Warden Abbey Illustration by Peter Dunn


RYG Films are a video production company, creating films for organisations across a wide range of industries.  The company was first conceived in 2013, when Emma and Michal were recent graduates. Storytelling is the backbone of our business and it continues to be our mission to create engaging narratives that inspire people. Emma and Michal are still at the heart of the company and oversee the entire production process from start to finish. They have established themselves as reliable video collaborators working alongside other artists and creative institutions such as the Barbican and Warts and All Theatre.

We would love your feedback, so please do email Community Arts Officer, Sally Christopher,  at sallyc@greensandcountry.com with any thoughts or questions.

Photo Credits

Greensand Ridge Walk
cc-by-sa/2.0 – © Jonathan Thacker – geograph.org.uk/p/6211278

Barley field below Woodbury Home Farm
cc-by-sa/2.0 – © Jonathan Thacker – geograph.org.uk/p/6209177

Park Farm poppy fields, Everton
cc-by-sa/2.0 – © Robert Eva – geograph.org.uk/p/5802720

St. Leonard’s church, Old Warden
cc-by-sa/2.0 – © Jonathan Thacker – geograph.org.uk/p/6494596