Take a “Bubble Ride” with Sustrans

Sustrans volunteers have been working with Greensand Partnership team to review some of the older cycle routes as well as create new ones.  All routes will be signed with the lovely new Greensand Partnership logos and we have created a set of new guides and maps to help you take yourself and your household on a Sustrans “Bubble Ride”

We are super disappointed not to be delivering guided rides this year but hope that you will find the maps and the soon to be signposted routes really easy to follow.

The first route to be signed is Route B-Stone Way.  This is 15 miles and starts at St Mary’s Church in Maulden.   But there are loads of other routes between 15 and 35 miles that cover the whole Greensand area so you are bound to find something within cycling distance of your home town.

So go on, have yourself a Greensand Country adventure!  We’d love it if you can take a photograph of you on your ride with your own “Bubble” @greensandsocial and tag us #GCWBubbleride