Segenhoe Church, Ridgmont

The roofless ruins of Segenhoe church lie some way south of the village in a site just east of the Eversholt Road.

The first definite mention of Segenhoe in the written record is in 1189 when the advowson was given to Dunstable Priory. The architecture of the building, however, shows that the oldest parts date to the early 11th century and so just pre-date the Norman Conquest. The earliest parts of the building are constructed from brown cobbles. Ironstone was used from the 12th century onwards and limestone for the internal columns, arches and mouldings.

Segenhoe was the parish church of Ridgmont until 1st November 1855 when the new church in the High Street was consecrated.

The ruins are situated on the GSRW route, south-east of the village of Ridgmont.