River Ouzel through Leighton Buzzard

Linear green spaces either side of the River Ouzel in Leighton-Linslade, providing access right on the doorstep of the town. Herons, little egrets, grey wagtails are known to frequent the stretch, along with the occasional kingfisher darting through.  The river supports a range of fish species, and habitat enhancement projects have been undertaken to improve habitats in the channel and on surrounding greenspaces.

Grid Reference: Cycle and pedestrian access at SP 9177 2503 (What 3 Words: ///twilight.chum.cobras) and SP 9219 2606 (///icon.accent.meals)

Accessibility: Accessible on foot or bicycle with surfaced paths on both banks of the river. The Greensand Ridge Walk follows some of these paths.

Owners: Central Bedfordshire Council (Riverside Walk/Millbank Meadows, east bank), Leighton-Linslade Town Council (Vimy Road Play Area, west bank) plus privately owned.

  • Cycle Access