Ouzel Meadows

The Ouzel Meadows are 34 acres of flood meadows immediately adjacent to Leighton-Linslade.

The Meadows are the floodplain of the River Ouzel and are therefore subject to seasonal flooding. This contributes to the unique characteristics of the meadows and to the plant and animal communities found here.  The meadows support a range of plants typical of damp meadows including meadowsweet, cuckoo flower, marsh marigold and yellow iris.

The re-introduction of cattle grazing has encouraged the spread of traditional meadow flowers and their associated wildlife. The old willow trees are being pollarded to ensure their survival. Interpretation boards around the site explain details regarding grazing, the river and its floodplain and why flooding is good.

Walking access only, there are a number of tracks across the meadows with links to neighbouring footpaths and The Grand Union Canal towpath.  The Greensand Ridge Walk crosses the site at its southern end.

Access points at SP 9196 2609 (What 3 Words ///leaves.slang.glassware) and SP 1882 2612 (///events.glee.latest)