Make a traditional besom broom

Saturday 15th June 2024 10:00 - 15:00

Things don’t get more traditional than a besom, however you pronounce it. A very fine sweeping tool, largely forgotten these days, a besom is particularly good at removing leaves from a lawn and keeping you in charge of gravel on a drive; it’s also great at getting into awkward corners. Aside from these practicalities, there are several traditions associated with a broom, possibly the most charming of which is its role in a pagan handfasting ceremony. A besom is also thought to protect a house from evil spirits. And then of course there’s Harry Potter…

The day will be run by Guy and Jane Lambourne of Wassledine.

After a relaxing day you will return home with a useful and beautiful broom made from our own grown hazel and willow, and birch cut from local nature reserves – no green wood involved in this case, and certainly nothing metal.

The course will take place in our beautiful working, hazel woodland, Bottoms’ Corner, near Gravenhurst; you’re bound to enjoy just being there all day. It’s a lovely setting for a tranquil day and you will be welcome to wander and discover its secrets.

Cost £70 per person