Filling the Archives Gap: Greensand Country Photo Project

Saturday 01st May 2021 - Sunday 20th June 2021

An online exhibition of images of Greensand Country taken by volunteer photographers as part of a project to fill a gap in the historical archives of Bedfordshire. Over the past 30 years Bedfordshire Archives has received very few images of the county suitable for preservation, leaving a significant gap in the records. Funding from the Greensand Country Landscape Partnership and Heritage Fund have provided an opportunity to begin to fill this gap. The selection of photos on display in our 3D exhibition show the Greensand Country as it is now and the changes that are taking place in the area.

Click here to visit the exhibition

We recommend you explore the exhibition at your leisure by clicking on Enter the Exhibition

  • Each room tour starts in the centre of the right-hand wall and moves clockwise
  • We recommend using full screen view for the best experience – you can find this by clicking on the menu symbol (3 horizontal lines) in the top right of the exhibition area
  • Click and drag to rotate the camera
  • Click on any image to zoom in to a detailed view
  • When in detailed view you can use the arrows at the bottom right to move between the photographs in order
  • Don’t forget to click the “i” symbol at the top right to see captions and information about each photograph

To view the exhibition in 2D scroll to the bottom of the screen and click on ‘View Exhibition Catalogue’.