Sunday 03rd July 2022 12:00 - 19:00

Doors open: 12:00 pm

A welcome return of AmpGala after a two-year break. Are you ready for the fantastic parade, the fun and games on the cricket pitch, the bright stalls that surround it, and the visit from the fair, with its rides and pull-a-duck style stalls?

This year, the theme for the parade will be ‘The Royal Gala Jubilee’ in celebration of the Queen’s Platinum jubilee, and there will be an opportunity for some right royal recognition of our young people.

2022 Schedule:


10:00  Parade gathers

10:30  Judging

11:00  Parade departs

12:00  Parade arrives at park

Gala Arena

12:20  Sloop Groggy Dog

13:05  Fire Act 1

13:25  Tenacity Dance

13:45  Samba Band

14:10  Jazzercise

14:30  Dance Stars

14:50  Fire Act 2

15:10  Line Dancing

15:30  Fundamental Dance

15:50  Royal Gala Games

16:15  Ampthill Town Band

17:00  Gala Arena closes

Music Arena

12:15  DJ Viking

13:00 The Greensands

13:30 DJ Carly C

14:30 Covered in Punk

15:30 DJ Ben Walker

16:30  Daybreak

17:15 The Numbers

18:00 DJ Danny Denscombe

19:00 Music Arena closes