Soisson and Nelson Wheat

In the fields to your left and right, different varieties of wheat are growing. The field on the left hand side of the tree avenue has been seeded with Soissons winter wheat. This is sown late into the Autumn and still matures early. This characteristic is particularly important following last year’s onion crop, as the vegetables are often harvested later, pushing back the next sow.

The farm is trialling a new variety of wheat in the field on the right hand side. Nelson winter wheat has been seeded to see how it compares to the Soisson variety. It is a highly disease resistant crop, often slightly taller than other varieties and is early to mature. It also produces a high protein content in the grain with less nitrogen input, vital as greensand-underlying soil is often lower in nitrogen.

In front of you there is a tree avenue, planted in 1990 and made up of a variety of different species including rowan, ash, field maple, and silver birch.

You will also see the landscape rise up towards the Greensand Ridge and Sandy, with areas of pasture and woodland on the steep slopes.