Taking the Long View: Parkland Creation in Landscape Context. 2/4 series of webinars on the theme of Historic Parklands in Greensand Country

Tuesday 11th May 2021 19:30 - 20:45

Doors open: 7:15 pm

The second of four webinars exploring the theme of Historic Parklands in Greensand Country at landscape level.  The Greensand Country landscape has the highest concentration of historic parklands in the country.  The second webinar in the series looks at the historic development of parklands.  The presentation will be delivered by Dr Twigs Way, a professional researcher and writer.

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Title: Taking the Long View:  Parkland Creation in Landscape Context (Length approx 1 hour)

Speaker: Dr Twigs Way

Discussion of parklands often focusses on the history of a single park, or perhaps a group with a shared designer or defined style.  This talk aims to broaden that approach to take in the wider context of the park as a cultural entity reflecting the social and political context of the millennia from the first private parklands of the 11th century through to the public spaces of the 19th century. What is the relation between park creation and social power structures?   What was the impact of the dissolution or enclosure?  Can we detect a pattern of scale or style that responds to external landscape change or population pressures?  A thought provoking and wide ranging talk on the concept  and context of the parkland in social history.

About the Speaker:

Twigs Way is a professional researcher and writer fascinated by the past and intrigued by the role of flowers, gardens and landscape in art and culture of all kinds.  Her work  explores themes of symbolism and meaning, class and gender, art and literature . . and she enjoys following lesser known paths in garden history  towards the unexpected. Her original work was on the history of women in the garden and she retains an active research interest in this topic.  Recent publications include the art and culture of specific flowers including the carnation and the daffodil and her book on the Chrysanthemum in Art and Culture was published October 2020 by Reaktion Press, and she is currently working on the Daffodil in art and culture.