GCLP – The Greensand Country Sound Archive, with OIiver Payne

Sunday 01st May 2022 - Friday 01st July 2022

Greensand Country Landscape Partnership (GCLP) are thrilled to commission Field Recording Specialist, Oliver Payne, as part of the Celebrating Greensand Country programme of work.

Oliver has worked with GCLP and its partners to collect sounds from across Greensand Country in order to create the beginning stages of ‘The Greensand Country Sound Archive’.

Over four days in March and April 2021, Oliver collected sounds including bird song, wind turbines, underwater trickling of the River Flit, creaking trees and much more.

You can listen to ‘The Greensand Country Sound Archive’  on the link listed below.

If you would like to help build The Greensand Country Sound Archive then why not have a look at our ‘Beginner’s Guide to Field Recording’ Videos.

You can find more information here https://www.greensandcountry.com/support/greensand-country-sounds/