A GCLP Commission – Ampthill Great Park, an illustrated ZIne by Steve Larder

Saturday 01st May 2021 - Thursday 01st July 2021

Doors open: 10:00 am

Greensand Country Landscape Partnership are thrilled to present illustrator and artist, Steve Larder, as part of their commissioned programme of work celebrating Greensand Country. Steve has produced two extraordinary illustrated Zines exploring Ampthill Great Park and Rushmere Country Park. The Zines will be distributed at key locations across Greensand Country and available to view online during the festival and beyond.

This Zine is about Ampthill Great Park and it can be viewed by clicking on the link below.

The link will take you to the website ‘Issuu’ which is free and easy to use. We recommend viewing the Zine in ‘Full Screen’ (once in Issuu) to get the full affect of this fantastic work.

We hope you enjoy the read! We welcome comments and feedback, please do email Community Arts Officer, Sally Christopher, at sallyc@greensandcountry.com.

About the Project

I chose to interpret the brief, ‘Stories of the Landscape’, by making a fanzine about Ampthill Great Park and Rushmere Country Park.  The title was an easy stepping stone for me to dig through archives relating to the area, and most importantly, visit the places themselves and talk to people who manage, maintain, volunteer and visit the landscapes.  Through this method of research, I gained a deeper insight of each park and how it relates to local populations who enjoy the rich, historical countryside of the Greensand Country” Steve Larder, April 2021

About Steve Larder

Steve Larder is an artist, illustrator, and publisher of indie-comics and zines. He has been publishing his auto-biographical illustrated zine, ‘Rum Lad’ since 2005.  Steve lives and works in Nottingham, UK and frequently attends small press events and speaking engagements as well as teaching small publishing workshops. He likes drawing the supernatural, paranormal, weird, folky and natural environments the best. When Steve’s inky fingers are not drawing they make a racket in various bands and music projects.


Special Thanks to:
Jon Balaam and Carolyn Londer-Ward at The Greensand Trust, Richard ‘John’ Bunker, Stephen Coleman, Joanna Hewitt, Paul Hirst, Kelvin Horton, Phil Nicholson – Park and Amenities Manager at Ampthill Great Park, Gary Peach, Jon Pitts, Rod Kupczyk, Margaret Noble, Claire Poulton, Sheila Meekums, Michael Stanley, Roy Tebbutt and everyone who helped.