‘All Along’ art exhibition at Dunstable Library

Monday 04th December 2023 - Wednesday 31st January 2024 17:00

‘All Along’

by Emily Tracy

5 Artworks, mixed media

Location: Dunstable Library


The exhibition is located inside the library.

Greensand Country Landscape Partnership are thrilled to present artist Emily Tracy’s ‘All Along’, as part of their commissioned programme of work celebrating Greensand Country.


‘All Along’ has been created in response to research made together with 11 volunteers from across Greensand Country. The volunteers were trained in Oral History, Historical Research and Archiving and worked together on the project during the first half of 2021.

A series of artworks which use books, and their form, to respond the unique landscapes and historic parklands of Greensand Country.

‘All Along’ refers to a sewn binding of books, and to the idea of moving through and along the Greensand Ridge, reflecting the story of the area through its geology, nature and people that have lived within in.

Would you be interested in hosting this art installation? If so, please get in touch with us via email: daniel@greensandcountry.com