Wheat and Onion Rotations


Onions | Multiple Onions growing in the ground. Use freely, … | Flickr

The fields on your left, and the far field on the right are all growing onions. The farm grows a variety of onions in these fields, including red, brown, pickling onions and shallots. Whilst most are sown as seeds, some are also sown as small bulbs (known as sets), to give an earlier harvest whilst the ones from seed are still growing. Some are also grown over winter, sowing in September-October time, to be harvested in July.

Parrish Farms | Pickling Onions - Medium Size (25-45mm) - Parrish Farms

Most of the onions are sown in early spring, for harvest in early autumn. The warmer temperatures result in faster growth than those sown in autumn. The onions grown in these fields are sold in most supermarkets all across the country, as well as supplying wholesale markets and local farm shops. You can know by onions, and other produce such as bird food, from the Parrish’s online shop.

The field to you right is currently growing the Skyfall variety of winter wheat, used primarily for bread-making. This will be drilled between the end of September and mid-October, with the wheat crop ready to harvest by July-August.